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The Latest Podcast News to Fuel your Media Strategy

By Olly Hutson

2023 is predicted to be the biggest year yet for the ever growing podcast industry. We’ve wrapped up the latest news from Australia, the global news that affects the market, plus what this means for the industry to supercharge your strategy in this highly immersive channel. Find out why downloads have increased by 20%, more on the new Louix Theroux deal, plus the current top 10 most popular podcasts locally and worldwide. Also, delve deeper into why the reports that podcast creation has dropped 80% don’t tell the whole story.

Podcast downloads increased by 20% in 2022

Triton Digital has released the company’s first US Year-End Podcast Report. Listeners downloaded 5.6 episodes a week on average, representing 3.8 hours of content.

They also found that News was the most downloaded genre, followed by Comedy and True Crime.

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Louis Theroux signs exclusive deal with Spotify

In the Spotify Exclusive, the British-American hosts in-depth, freewheeling conversations with notable stars from both sides of the Atlantic on The Louis Theroux Podcast. Created by Mindhouse Productions, the first series run of nine episodes features guests spanning the entertainment spectrum.

Find out more: Spotify

Dramatic drop in new podcasts? It’s better than it looks

The number of new podcasts has dramatically dropped by 80% in two years, according to data from by Chartr from Listen Notes. However, that data point doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact, podcasting is in a much better place once you understand what that number is really measuring.

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More podcasters are being hired by media companies

A study by Muck Rack discovered that while fewer podcasters started their own show this year (68% in 2021 vs. 41% in 2022), there has been a significant uptick (16%) in podcasters who say they were hired by a media company, a 13% increase in those working on an offshoot of a previous podcast, and a 5% increase of those hired by an existing podcast team. This data could indicate that more media companies are starting podcasts, and that existing podcast teams are growing.

Learn more: Muck Rack

Spotify Tries Something New: A Bilingual Podcast Targeting Young Latinos.

Spotify has created podcasts in English and Spanish. It has also translated English-language shows into Spanish and vice versa. Now it is trying something new – it is releasing a podcast that features both languages in the same show. The new series La Cabina Telefónica – or telephone booth -- highlights the Latino immigrant experience of the 1990s.

Find out more: Podcast News Daily

38% of consumers prefer YouTube as a podcast player

Remote recording tool Riverside has released a comprehensive report on the future of video podcasting for brands. They found that 64% of new podcast consumers prefer video first and 75% of those surveyed believe video will become the recording default.

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Top 10 Podcasts

  1. The Ben Shapiro Show

  2. Crime Junkie

  3. Dateline NBC

  4. Morbid

  5. The Dan Bongino Show

  6. Stuff You Should Know

  7. SmartLess

  8. We Can Do Hard Things

  9. Today, Explained

  10. FOX News Hourly Update

Top 10 Podcasts, Australia

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience

  2. Harley Quinn and The Joker: Sound Mind

  3. My Millennial Daily

  4. Huberman Lab

  5. The Trial of Lucy Letby

  6. Basically Besties

  7. HER with Sophie Cachia

  8. Alpha Blokes Podcast

  9. The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett

  10. The Inspired Unemployed

97% of Americans and 91% of Canadians say they’ve taken action after listening to a podcast ad

Acast have released new research of frequent podcast listeners throughout the US and Canada. The study revealed that 65% of US marketers expect to increase their marketing spend on podcasts and, when considering marketers who have previously purchased podcast ads, 83% expect to increase their spend on the medium year-on-year.

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Of all people aged 13-34 in the US, one third listen to a podcast every day

Says new Share of Ear® data from Edison Research. In 2014, 7% of 13-34s were reached by podcasts — a number that has increased by almost five times — fueled by increasing content choices, portability, the push from popular streaming apps, the ability to multitask while listening, and the feeling of connection, among other reasons.

Find out more: Edison

Audible, Gimlet And ‘This American Life’ Win duPont-Columbia Journalism Awards.

The 2023 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Awards were announced Monday night. Gimlet Media’s Stolen was honored for its second season titled “Surviving St. Michael's.” Audible picked up its first trophy for its true crime podcast Finding Tamika. The Awards also honored This American Life once again for episode No. 758 titled “Talking While Black.”

Google Podcast Manager Will Start Showing Zero Search Clicks And Impressions. Here’s Why.

Google is alerting podcasters to expect a drop in clicks and impressions as it makes changes to Google Search. Starting February 13, the company says Google Search will stop showing podcast carousels. “As a result, clicks and impressions in ‘how people find your show’ will drop to zero after that date,” it says in a notice in the Google Podcast Manager. Google has not offered any explanation for the changes, but its podcast focus seems to be less on search than in the past. Instead, its most recent efforts have been mainly on leveraging the growth it has seen in podcast consumption on YouTube.

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