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The Long Haul - Australia’s Best Sports Podcast

“The Long Haul crafted compelling narratives that revealed the human side of sports and shed a light on cultural issues with sensitivity and attention to detail. The Long Haul was clearly made with passion and an understanding of what makes the great sports stories.” - Australian Podcast Awards Judges

The Long Haul was awarded Best Sports Podcast at the Australian Podcast Awards!

The Host and Producers are available to talk about their experience creating high quality sport content, the role of sport in our culture and producing an independent podcast across closed borders during COVID lockdowns.

The show is an entertaining and candid look at the unexpected challenges of being an elite sportsperson, told by some of the biggest names in Australian sport in high quality, stand alone audio documentaries.

Host Emma Murray is a renowned High Performance Coach, and she brings her knowledge, curiosity and empathy to conversations with people like Cate Campbell, Jack Riewoldt, Clint Newton, Jade North and Shane Gould.

The show covers a wide range of issues across sport in Australia, from sports betting:

“We’re seeing in this 18-24 yr old age group particularly is the first generation that have grown up thinking that sport and betting do go together.” Tanya Fletcher - Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

To the physical toll of competing at the highest level.

“Your whole body is on fire and we want as much of that as we possibly can because it’s a byproduct of speed” Cate Campbell - Olympic Champion

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