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The Latest Podcast Industry News: What You Need to Know

What are the latest insights, movements and developments in the podcast industry? Keeping tabs on the ever-evolving industry news can be time consuming and overwhelming– but we’ve got your back. In this blog post we’ve condensed essential news into an easily digestible format for your convenience that takes just 5 minutes to read. Some studies and news are from the US and UK, the most mature podcast markets whose trends tend to be indicative of the future of the Australian industry, to allow you to make more informed marketing decisions. Find out which types of podcasts are most popular in the day and night time, which podcast trends ruled 2023, how consumers feel about ads played on controversial podcasts and how this affects brand safety, which demographic is the fastest growing and what are the most listened to podcasts in Australia at the moment.

Gen-Z is fastest-growing generation of podcast listeners

In the first half of 2023, the demographic has seen 58% more podcast plays year-on-year; 39% listening at a faster-than-normal speed. Around half of Gen Z podcast listeners in the UK (53%) say they’ve learned about a community they’re not a part of as a result of listening to a podcast.

Find out more: Spotify

Spoken Word audio is now more popular than ever in the US.

Data from NPR and Edison Research suggests that both audience size and listening time are the highest they’ve ever been for spoken word content.

Today, 135 million people listen to spoken word audio each day. That’s 30 million more people than nine years ago, and almost half the U.S. population 13+.

Spotify releases latest podcast insights

Spotify’s podcast edition of its Fan Study 2023, published today, contains data-driven insights from the platform from the USA, UK and Australia. Insights:

  • 54% of people find new podcasts by hearing about them on a show they already listen to.

  • While daytimes are for audio podcasts, evenings are when people seek out video podcasts

  • Education and Wellness-related genres peak in the morning, while Entertainment and Family content is more popular in the evening.

Read the study: Spotify

Brand safety is higher than you think on podcasts

A new US study has revealed that consumers are highly accepting and open to podcast advertising despite persistent brand concerns about suitability and safety. Alter Agents found that eight in 10 consumers find branded podcast messages suitable as long as they are contextually relevant, even when it comes to controversial content.

Read more: Alter Agents

Podcast Marketing Academy releases podcast trends report

The report features data collected from 500+ shows from six continents, multiple languages, and all major formats and genres. The study found that the median average growth rate for a podcast is 21% annually. They also found that YouTube and Tiktok are the most effective platforms to help grow a podcast audience.

Read the report here: PMA

Signal Awards announced the 2023 winners.

“The winners of the second annual Signal Awards represent the best of the industry: those who are pushing boundaries, telling important stories, encouraging laughter, and reaffirming the overall power of podcasting and its ability to connect to listeners all over the world.”said Signal Awards managing director Deondric Royster.

  • Best Host - The Problem with Jon Stewart: The Official Podcast – (Apple TV Podcast)

  • Best History - Mobituaries with Mo Rocca – (Paramount)

  • Best True Crime - And That’s Why We Drink – (Metro Public Relations)

  • Best kids - Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls -- (Rebel Girls)

Find out more: PodNews

Podcasters are the most trusted media personalities in the US

Acast have released a study of US consumers.

They found that 64% of podcast listeners actively seek out podcasters and create time for their content

-the most of any other tested media personality - making the time spent with podcasts highly engaging and intentional. These findings come at a time when trust in US media has hit an all time low. The second most trusted is YouTubers, with 44% of YouTube consumers saying they trust these media personalities.

See the study here: ACast

James Corden strikes deal for new podcast with SiriusXM

The actor and comedian James Corden has struck a deal with SiriusXM to create a new audio interview series, after leaving CBS’s The Late Late Show in April. The podcast will “seek to tell the untold stories of some of the most well-known public figures”.

Find out more: The Guardian

IAB has launched a podcast buyer-seller checklist

“The comprehensive checklist delves into the world of podcasting exploring every stage of the podcast ad campaign cycle and provides a framework for buyers and sellers to align on objectives, targeting, creative, measurement, and more.”- iAB.

Access: iAB

Try this AI powered podcast recommendation engine

Pix allows you to ask AI for personalised podcast recommendations. Unlike Chat GPT whose data only goes up to 2021, Pix data reaches current day.

Get inspired: Pix

The latest top 10 Australian podcasts

The Australian Podcast Ranker lists the Top 100 podcasts from participating publishers that are consumed by listeners located in Australia. The most listened to podcasts in Australia as of September 2023 are as follows:

  1. Hamish and Andy (LiSTNR)

  2. Casefile (True Crime)

  3. Shameless (Shamleless Media)

  4. Mamamia Out Loud (Mamamia)

  5. The Imperfects (ARN)

  6. Kyle and Jackie O (ARN)

  7. 7am (Schwartz Media)

  8. Stuff You Should Know (ARN)

  9. Life Uncut (ARN)

  10. Bloke in a Bar (Bloke in a Bar)

See more: Triton Digital

The best podcasts to listen to to honour transgender awareness week

The Guardian recommends tales of transition, queer joy and more to mark Transgender Awareness Week.

Figures from Charlie Craggs to Mika Onyx celebrate the full spectrum of the trans experience in a new Anthem Talks series.

Listen here: The Guardian

2024 is set to be the biggest year ever for podcasts. Need more help understanding the podcast industry? For more analysis, insights, and commentary on the growing podcast industry, sign up to our newsletter or feel free to contact us anytime.


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