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Celebrating our 2nd birthday - Meet the Team!

Ranieri & Co has been in action for 2 years! If you’re reading this, chances are you have met or spoken to a member of our awesome team. Find out more about what makes them tick, creating the unique and lively business that is Ranieri & Co!

Founded in 2019 by Rob Ranieri and Nick Randall, Ranieri & Co has grown to a team of 4, with Sammy Major (Head of Commercial & Partnerships) and Zach Kangelaris (Sales Manager) completing the squad. The team brings in a diverse range of experience in the industry, spanning radio, agency, influencer marketing, sales, brand partnerships and social media. But, more importantly, they are kind, genuine people who love nothing better than making a genuine connection and delivering an extraordinary campaign.

The company values are humility, empowerment and relentlessness and these legends live them everyday. Get to know this passionate crew better below and how they have channelled the perfect mix of experience and passion to become one of Australia’s leading podcast agencies.

Rob Ranieri, Co-founder and CEO

3 fun facts about Rob:

  1. Favourite quote: “I wish I could tell you it gets better. It doesn’t get better. You get better.” Joan Rivers

  2. Favourite food: Chocolate

  3. Favourite podcast: The Devil Within--totally hooked and repulsed at the same time!

Originally from the US, Rob’s Australian career began in social media, building a book of clients for himself, while simultaneously joining OMD to learn programmatic and later TRIBE to dabble in influencer marketing. It was the compelling levels of immersion and engagement that drew him to the world of podcasting.

My mantra is:

Be kind. You have the ability to bring a smile to someone’s face every day. I was once talking to someone and they were wondering if they’d get along with their new team. I replied, “That’s not up to chance. Be excited to meet them. Act like they’re already your best friends.” It’s not a philosophy for everyone. I just really like people.

What’s the biggest industry-wide challenge you’d like to see tackled?

I believe as an industry we’re slow to adapt: some of the biggest chunks of advertising revenue still go to mediums with the lowest measurement/analytics/attribution simply because they’ve been around for ages and that’s how budgets have always been spent. There’s a lot of that rinse-wash-repeat mentality that we need to move past.

Get to know Rob better here.

Nick Randall, Co-founder and Chairman

3 fun facts about Nick:

  1. For some reason I am a ridiculous early riser and start most days at 4:20am. Yep that’s AM!

  2. Favourite food: This is a hard one as I love all food...I’ll say Italian.

  3. Favourite podcast: Awwww this is like asking which child is your favourite! My constant go to podcasts are School of Greatness and Conversations by the ABC. My favourite series is still We Crashed. But there’s also The Apology Line, Bunga Bunga, Guru, Business Wars, Against The Odds, The Byron Cooke Show….

Nick has been in marketing and media for 25 years, with an impressive career spanning banking, radio, influencer marketing, and partnership marketing. Nick has a real passion for entrepreneurial thinking and building wonderful organisations with magnetic cultures that great people want to be part of.

Could you tell us a little about your background and career?

I’m from regional Victoria and am the youngest of 9 children. I studied economics and marketing at Swinburne University and my first professional role was with ANZ bank in their call centre. I’ve been in marketing and media for 25 years now. Along with my role as Co-founder/Chairman, I am also the APAC Director of Customer Success and Operations at Impact, and a Westpac Business of Tomorrow Mentor.

Prior to my current role, I was the Chief Revenue Officer at influencer marketing platform - TRIBE. It was during my time at TRIBE that I met Robbie, Zach, Sammy and our amazing designer - Sophie. I got my first taste for podcasting way back in 2016 when I joined Whooshkaa as employee number 4 in the role of Commercial Director.

Earlier in my career, I was in charge of the sales and marketing operation of Macquarie Media when Macquarie Radio Network and Fairfax merged their radio assets in 2015.

I was also at Southern Cross Austereo for 14 years leading the sales teams in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and eventually for the group.

What are some of the best habits you’ve developed over the years to help you strive for success and balance?

For me it all starts with health and wellness. I can honestly say that from the moment I prioritised my health I was able to achieve so much more.

But really it comes down to some fairly mundane basics – rise early, train hard, eat well, make time for reflection, set big goals, be maniacal on the planning/execution of the goals, surround yourself with great people and constantly be in ‘student’ mode. And have fun doing it.

Get to know Nick better here.

Sammy Major, Head of Commercial & Partnerships

3 fun facts about Sammy

  1. Sammy can successfully hide 23 different vegetables in a pasta sauce

  2. Favourite food: Pasta

  3. Favourite podcast: Criminal

Sydney-sider Sammy has had a progressive career at some of Australia's most innovative tech and media companies. She is all about taking chances and failing (regularly!) but showing resilience and unrelenting doggedness to keep going.

Favourite Advert?

I really love when brands don’t take themselves too seriously in their advertising and although the budget for this one was serious, I love the parody filled Carlton Draught “Big Ad” by GPY&R, Melbourne. I don’t even like beer but the ad treats the audience with intelligence, laughing at other ads, the ad industry in general as well as themselves - it’s intoxicating and very, very clever.

What is your definition of success?

Being the author of my own ambition, not allowing other people’s perception of success to affect my own journey.

It’s about living with authenticity, passion and a constant sense of wonder.

Get to know Sammy better here.

Zach Kangelaris, Sales Manager

3 fun facts about Zach

  1. (Zach grew up in country Victoria and is the eldest of 4)

  2. Favourite food: Pizza, Pasta or ice cream

  3. Favourite Podcasts: The School of Greatness & Business Movers at the moment but love some of the limited series podcasts such as The Grand Scheme - Snatching Sinatra.

Ranieri & Co’s newest member is known for his down to earth, kind and hard working attitude. He’s had a quick rise up the ranks since starting his career as an intern at TRIBE and is dedicated to the success of Ranieri & Co and the brands we partner with.

What made you want to work in the podcast industry?

The main reason is I love consuming podcasts. The outlying reasons are that I wanted to jump out of my comfort zone and learn something new. As much as I love consuming podcasts I was new to the industry when I first joined as a whole and wanted to upskill and really challenge myself to see what I was capable of in a new industry. There is also a lot of upside to the industry and it’s exciting as it is quite under-utilised when it comes to advertising.

Words of advice for someone seeking a job like yours?

- Work hard, be a team player & lead without a title (no entitlement)

- Be kind and humble

- Be a doer and don't be afraid of failing (keep trying)

- Make learning your goal and throw yourself into your learning by always being a sponge (be insanely curious) and question things so that you greater your understanding.

Get to know Zach better here.


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