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Q&A with Head of Commercial & Partnerships - Sammy Major

What are you listening to right now?

Outside of my regular listening, I’m also listening to a HubSpot produced podcast, ‘Unconventional Business’ off the back of a meeting we’ve just had with one of their Senior Marketing Managers. It’s an awesome look at some localised businesses who have disrupted the way they do business in order to create seamless end-to-end customer experiences. I’ve just listened to the episode detailing Tile Cloud which was really interesting as I’ve just used their service to pick the tiles for my kitchen splashback!

What’s a podcast you think more people should be listening to?

Criminal. Even if you’re not a true crime junkie, it’s a really unexpected and critical look at each crime being committed. It’s such addictive listening!

What is the first podcast you ever listened to?

This American Life. I was complaining to my now-husband that I felt so much of my day was wasted commuting to and from work when I couldn’t read (I suffer from horrendous travel sickness) and he suggested I try a podcast that he listens to. I hate to admit that he was well ahead of me when it comes to podcasts!

Aside from podcasting, what are some of your hobbies?

Like a lot of others, I really love to cook. I’ve particularly enjoyed introducing my young son to food - seeing him taste and experience food for the first time has been a really beautiful and fun experience. I really enjoy finding recipes for him to try and I would say I’m quite the expert in hiding 10+ vegetables in a homemade pasta sauce!

Officially opening up the Ranieri & Co. Sydney office, what is your favourite thing to do in Sydney?

A perfect day in Sydney for me is having breakfast with my family on the beachfront in Manly, followed by the Queenscliff to Shelley beach walk with our pup, a dip in the ocean and wrapping up the day with a BBQ and margaritas at our home with our mates. Heaven!

Favourite Restaurant in Sydney?

Garfish, Manly. It’s not overly pretentious, it’s just great seafood (order the snapper pie!) in a great location and it’s where we’ve celebrated some of the most wonderful milestones.

Favourite holiday destination in Australia?

In Australia, I love visiting small towns on the NSW North Coast. As a kid, my parents took us up to Scott’s Head every year for two weeks in the Christmas holidays. I am still very close friends with people I met up there and it always elicits some of my happiest memories.

Favourite Advert?

I really love when brands don’t take themselves too seriously in their advertising and although the budget for this one was serious, I love the parody filled Carlton Draught “Big Ad” by GPY&R, Melbourne. I don’t even like beer but the ad treats the audience with intelligence, laughing at other ads, the ad industry in general as well as themselves - it’s intoxicating and very, very clever.


If you want to get in touch, e-mail Sammy at


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