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Announcing The Long Haul - an Original Podcast from Ranieri & Co. and Headline Productions

When Ranieri & Co. launched in 2019, part of the company vision was to develop original podcasts with local, top-tier talent. Launching mid-January, The Long Haul is a brand new podcast recorded in Melbourne over the last year. The show goes beyond the bright lights and cheering crowds, into the culture of elite sport in Australia. The Long Haul will be hosted by leading performance coach, Emma Murray and produced by Liz Keen (ABC, Four Corners) and Simon Portus (ABC, Wild Kitchen.)

As 2021 was the biggest ever year for the podcast industry and 2022 is predicted to continue the trend, there has never been a better time to release new content. 68% of Gen Z and millennial Spotify users said that they discovered more content that they like than ever before and the number of distinct podcast users aged 15-44 on Spotify grew by +34% YoY. (Spotify 2021 Wrapped for Advertisers.)

The Long Haul will consist of eight episodes. Each of these episodes uses rich soundscapes, entertaining and insightful interviews and honesty to take you beyond game day. We’re often called a sporting nation, but what do we really expect of our sportspeople? And what does our relationship to them say about our country? From childhood sports; to sports betting; and the big decisions that have changed our sporting bodies, the Long Haul will tell the stories you’ve always wanted to hear and the ones you didn’t know existed.

Emma Murray, Host

Emma is sought-after by ASX 100 corporations, senior executives and the education sector for her unique High Performance Mindfulness program that drives sustainable improvements in performance, by providing the skills and tools that enable participants to bring their ‘A-Game’ to high-pressure moments. Having established her reputation in the high-stakes world of elite sports, Emma brings a unique, yet highly expert viewpoint to The Long Haul.

Liz Keen, Executive Producer

Liz has presented live radio; produced documentaries for ABC radio; and has been the Digital Producer at Four Corners. Liz recently Executive Produced and Edited the award winning podcast Still Jill and was Executive Producer on the 36-part podcast Little Green Pod.

Simon Portus, Creative Director

Simon is a multi-award winning director/producer with a background in drama and television. He produced and directed the television series Wild Kitchen for ABC TV and recently produced and edited the podcast Managing Minds.

About Headline Productions

Headline Productions is a boutique media production company that works with clients across Australia and around the world to help them connect with their audience and tell their story. Find out more:

About Ranieri & Co

In Australia and New Zealand, Ranieri & Co. exclusively represents the world’s largest independent podcast publisher: Wondery. Ranieri & Co. also makes custom branded podcasts that hit the sweet spot between what brands want to talk about and what audiences are genuinely interested in. Stories that inspire, inform and entertain. The first original podcast, Motherlode will be released in January 2022.

Ranieri & Co. represent leading local podcasts The Byron Cooke Show, The Mind Muscle Project, The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast, Single Minded and The Junkees with Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan.

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