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Announcing Ranieri & Co’s First Original Podcast - Motherlode.

Since Ranieri & Co. was founded in 2019, it's been part of the company's mission to create premium original content. The next step in this journey will kick off in 2022 when they launch Motherlode, a historical investigative podcast about early computer hacking in Australia and its evolution during the past three decades. Motherlode has been made possible by collaborating with the best in the industry: Host Greg Miller, Executive Producer Lucy Kent and Sound Engineer Martin Peralta.

Ranieri & Co. started their journey partnering with the world-leading podcasting company Wondery (Dirty John, Dr Death, Business Wars.) They then progressed to represent outstanding Australian-made podcasts: The Byron Cooke Show, The Mind Muscle Project, The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast and Single Minded. Now that Ranieri & Co. offers advertisers an array of successful options both locally and internationally, it's a natural step to create an original podcast that gives access to that sacred space where audiences are captivated with real emotional intensity.

It’s never been a better time to launch a podcast, with Australians spending an average of 40mins a day listening to podcasts

(We Are Social Digital Report 21). The digital music streaming sector is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.8% from 2020 to 2027. (Grand View Research)

Motherlode details the cybercrime activities of young hackers, including Julian Assange in the 1980’s and 1990’s in Melbourne who pushed the boundaries of computer security systems around the world. The podcast will also look into the story of the local and international law enforcement agencies pursuing them. Motherlode explores the hacker ethic which developed from this time from the birth of hacktivism to one of the most disruptive websites in the world, Wikileaks.

Greg Muller is an award-winning TV, radio, online journalist and podcast producer, with more than 20 years experience in the Australian media. Based in Melbourne, Greg managed Gertie's Law, an award winning podcast series from the Supreme Court of Victoria. He Recently worked as Executive Producer for The Age’s multi award-winning investigative podcast, 'Wrong Skin’. Greg has produced numerous podcasts and radio documentaries with multiple awards including two Gold New York Festival Radio awards, two Australian Podcast Awards including Best Podcast for 2018, a Melbourne Press Club.

Lucy Kent is a television, radio and online producer, with more than two decades of experience working

in the Melbourne media. Most recently, she has worked at the national public broadcaster where she produces national multi-platform stories for the ABC’s news and current affairs division. Lucy cut her teeth in the commercial radio world before moving to the ABC to work as a tv and radio journalist in the Melbourne newsroom. She is an avid listener of podcasts and passionate about the power of audio story-telling.

Martin Peralta runs Output Media, a podcast company working with clients that include Audible, SCA, ABC, Spotify, UTS, Broadsheet, Andrew Denton and Somethin’ Else. Projects have won multiple Walkley awards, NY Festival Awards, Webby Awardand a SXSW Award. Output’s focus is on producing audio rich podcasts that stand out and offer innovative digital ideas.

Motherlode will launch in January 2022. Watch this space for further updates.


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