• Zach Kangelaris

Advertising in Podcasts Vs Music Streaming - What You Need to Know

By Zach Kangelaris

As the consumption of podcasts and streamed music continues to grow, brands are unleashing the power of sonic branding. But which ad formats are best for different brands and campaign objectives? What are Gen Z’s favourite audio formats? Can you use the same creative across all audio ads? Read on to get the lowdown on how to optimise podcast and music streaming ads to your advantage.

Audio is playing a larger and more consistent role in media plans than it did 5 years ago. According to a recent report from iAB, 69% of media agencies now have digital audio advertising as a significant or regular part of their activity.* The report also revealed that one-third of media agencies are failing to tailor creative to suit different audio environments when running campaigns.

Do brands need to tailor their audio ads to different environments? Short answer, absolutely.

Context is important to consider here. Music and podcasts both play distinctive roles in users’ listening experience. The consumer is in a completely different mindset listening to an immersive storytelling podcast whilst driving than they are bopping to Britney on a run.

The Power of Podcasts

Dragging your eyes away from your addictive phone screen is tough for the best of us which makes listening to a podcast a rather intimate, consuming and rather intentional act. 93% of podcast listeners tune into “all, or the majority” of each episode and with the average episode being roughly 40 mins it’s quite a long time to have someone’s attention in this day and age. Therefore, it’s not surprising that more premium podcasts provide the perfect environment for brands to talk to consumers as they are neurally primed to receive these messages. Listeners want to learn, think and broaden their knowledge. We recommend dynamically inserted host-read ads as you’re able to continuously keep the messaging relevant whilst they are also far more likely to be embraced by the listener given the deeply immersive and trusting environment that the host has established with the audience over time.

Music + Identity

Listening to music has strength in creating strong positive attitudes towards brands. Three in four millennials say music is part of how they define who they are.** For marketers, this is a chance to reach that audience through a medium they trust and see as a positive enhancer or tool. If a brand can tap into the powerful moods and contextual cues that music can foster, they are on a winner. For example, Baskin Robins advertised on Spotify during the hottest days of the year when summer playlists were at their peak, driving huge store visit stats.

Although both options are often grouped as “audio”, music streaming and podcast advertising are different beasts, offering advertisers unique opportunities to develop media plans that maximise impact for brands. By expanding your media mix to include digital audio advertising and podcasts, you can reach audiences on a level that works with their listening habits, in a space not yet oversaturated by competitors who are fighting against ad fatigue and share of voice.

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*IAB’s Advertising Audio State of the Nation Report Wave 5

** Millennials on Spotify