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Ranieri and Co. Announce Representation of Danny Kennedy’s Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast

Leading Australian podcast company Ranieri & Co. have announced an exclusive partnership with The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast, an independent podcast created by fitness entrepreneur and owner of DK Fitness, Danny Kennedy.

The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast is Danny’s way of sharing his knowledge, motivation and experiences in all things health, fitness, business and lifestyle, often joined by high profile celebrity guests.

Danny says:

“The opportunity to partner with Ranieri & Co. is something that I'm genuinely excited about. We both have the same vision of providing the highest quality content to as many people as possible, hopefully adding value to those that need it on a daily basis. I look forward to working together and achieving big things.”

Commenting on the partnership, CEO and Co-Founder Rob Ranieri says:

“We are passionate about powerful audio storytelling. Danny’s show offers exceptional commercial opportunities for brands to align their messages in a space where an industry expert is inspiring listeners to be the best version of themselves. This is an exciting time for the business as we expand our local representation of some of Australia’s most compelling and popular content.”

Ranieri & Co. represent Wondery, the world’s largest independent podcast publisher. Additionally, they are expanding their local offering. The Fitness and Lifestyle podcast is their most recent acquisition, in good company with The Byron Cooke Show and The Mind Muscle Project.

If you’d like to listen to some of Danny’s most popular shows so far, we recommend:

About Ranieri & Co

In Australia and New Zealand, Ranieri & Co. exclusively represents the world’s largest independent podcast publisher: Wondery. Ranieri & Co. also makes custom branded podcasts that hit the sweet spot between what brands want to talk about and what audiences are genuinely interested in and will be releasing its own series later this year. Stories that inspire, inform and entertain. Find out more at

About The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast

The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast is one of the top health and fitness podcasts in Australia. Danny and his guests empower you with the knowledge and motivation to become the very best version of yourself. It's a one stop shop for all things health and fitness, Danny and his guests provide inspirational and valuable advice - the guests range from top tier professional athletes to high level CEO's. Find out more at


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