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If Knowledge is Power, Become a Vaccine Superhero with These Podcasts

With vaccines for COVID-19 rolling out worldwide, it’s important to be prepared before you roll up your sleeve - from boosting your immune system to improving your general health and wellbeing. Here’s some great podcasts to assist you on your journey.

1. Learn more about the vaccine

Coronacast from the ABC provides the latest news and research to help you understand the latest developments and how the world is coping with the pandemic so you can make the most informed decision. The pod is presented by Dr Normal Swan, one of the first medically qualified journalists in Australia.

2. Get better sleep

Sleep contributes to both innate and adaptive immunity. Imagined Sleep from Wondery will transport you into a blissful slumber — immersing you in soothing, sound-rich landscapes and dreamy storytelling.

Our episode pick: Introducing Imagined Sleep

3. Reduce stress

It’s been a tough year for everyone and what better time to embrace the benefits of audio therapy. Headspace is an award-winning app with a podcast that can help you unwind and stay calm. Looking at stress, overworking and healthy eating, this podcast can provide you with the calm refuge you’ve been looking for.

Our episode pick: Day to Day Mindfulness

4. Eat well

Improving your eating habits can help improve your immunity and help you fight disease, as well as generally boosting your mood. Food Psych is a podcast about intuitive eating, health at every size, and body liberation. Dietitian Christy Harrison challenges old-school dieting behaviours and encourages body confidence.

5. Connect with nature

If you don’t quite feel like a hike, get the outdoors vibe from the brilliant podcast Off Track. Hosted by Ann Jones, this Australian radio show and podcast combines the relaxing sounds of nature with awesome stories of wildlife and environmental science, all recorded outside.

Our episode pick: Where Dragons Float

To find out more about how you can seamlessly align your brand within awesome podcasts like these, contact us here.


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