• Zach Kangelaris

How to Nail your Podcast Ad Campaign

by Zach Kangelaris

Podcast creation and consumption are on the rise. In saying that, podcasting as an advertising medium is relatively under-utilised and clutter free. With this comes a great untapped potential for brands who know how to get the most out of the channel. So, how do you create a highly effective podcast campaign?


Most brands and media buyers will have a low key favourite when it comes to channels. Social ads may be getting you a sweet CPM or OOH may have been your jam for years. So why venture into the podcast world? For a start, 9.25 million Australians have listened to a podcast in the last month.* Not only is the reach within podcasts exploding, so is the engagement with Australians listening to an average of six episodes a week (around 258 minutes) and 63% of podcast listeners have taken an action based on a podcast ad or sponsorship.* These statistics are growing. Additionally, the typical podcast listener is affluent and well educated.

The best ads feel authentic and fit with the style of the podcast. Dynamically inserted ads are a great way to ensure relevant context in terms of targeting.

For example, Queen Vic Market advertised on Wondery podcasts Imagined Life, Stories Podcast, Good Life Project and Business Wars. The ads were targeted at progressive, inner-urban professionals, geo-targeted in the market’s catchment areas. When the target audience tunes in, the ads are dynamically inserted, increasing efficiency of the campaign and reducing wastage.


We also recommend host-read endorsements as they align with the podcast itself, seamlessly featuring as part of the content. If you are able to give the host of the podcast some reign and allow them to play with how they bring your brand into the show, the return will grow. With 93% of people listening to most or all of a podcast*, listeners often build a close relationship with the host, so they are more inclined to trust and be interested in their recommendations. The host will read the ad in the style of the podcast, so it’s less jarring and intrusive than a banner ad popping up when you are trying to read an article.

Tracking your ROI effectively is crucial in ensuring that you are getting the most out of the medium and optimising your spend.

It is possible to create a pixel both within the podcast and at different contact points throughout the campaign to measure its success. The pixel enables podcast marketing to measure the effectiveness of a campaign without relying on the consumer to remember a unique URL or coupon code at checkout. The great news? Pixel attribution and tracking ROI will not be affected by the death of the cookie and the latest iOS update.

Advertisers that explore which podcasters have the right audience fit for their brand are the ones whose ads lead to conversions. We can hold your hand on this journey and introduce you to some of the best quality podcasts out there. Contact me here and stand out in your competitor set.

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