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5 Reasons Why Podcasts Should Be Part of your Media Strategy in 2021

Whether you’re a business owner, marketer or feel like starting your own Instagram page on teapots, here’s how a podcast can be the missing puzzle piece in your media mix for 2021.

1. Utilise audio

Most advertising options (out of home, print, TV, digital) are visual. 85% of Facebook users watch video without sound. As podcasts are 100% audio, listening to a podcast is a completely different experience. Make sure you appeal to your audience via their ears as well as their eyes.

2. Drive online buzz

The best podcasts make you want to jump onto social media and discuss with likeminded listeners. If your ad is well integrated within the podcast, this can mean bonus exposure and talkability. This creates a two-way dialogue with the audience, driving feedback that can not only enhance your podcast content but your social media engagement also.

3. Reach the unreachable

Your typical podcast listener has Netflix subscription, rather than watching linear TV. This means that they’re blind to TV ads. These Podcasts loyalists are also tech-savvy enough to use ad blockers (70% of them!), meaning digital display is off the cards too. Ad blockers do not work on podcasts as the ads are often read by the show’s host. They are well integrated so a bot cannot remove them (unlike a radio ad).

4. Capitalise on the relationship between listener and podcast host

Think of your favourite podcast host. Chances are you’ll see them as a mate (or someone you wish you were mates with.) Podcast listeners tend to be loyal, with 93% of listening to “all, or the majority” of each episode. This means that the listeners will be receptive to hearing the ad reads, and with the right host and product combo, it can feel like an authentic part of the podcast.

5. Less competition

As podcasting is a relatively new medium, the amount of advertisers using the platform is small compared to other media channels. Chances are your competitors aren’t using it yet. This offers the chance for more cut through and ad recall.

Here’s to an exciting 2021 full of new opportunities!

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