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4 Ways to Maximise Your Ad Strategy in a Pandemic

By Zach Kangelaris

As we grapple with how Covid-19 is continuing to affect consumer behaviour, it’s important to ensure that your advertising strategy is relevant and flexible. Here’s how to survive and thrive in the current unstable climate, any why podcast advertising is pandemic-proof.

1. Meet changing behaviour

Once we gain more insight into how the pandemic has affected habits, we can connect with our target audiences in a meaningful way. Spotify reported that globally, we saw a 108% increase of total monthly active users who listened to podcasts in 2020, compared to 2019.* Listeners are looking for a screenless escape.

Advertising on trending podcasts such as The Apology Line (currently #1 in the Aus Podcast charts) means you can meet your audience when they’re in their happy place.

2. Keep it flexible

As the recent snap lockdowns in WA, NSW and VIC have shown, your ad campaign needs to be able to sustain quick changes to restrictions. This means that outdoor advertising like billboards and transport wraps may not be the best option, however digital shopping centre ads are much more flexible.

Social media and podcast ads allow you to quickly change pause, edit and geotarget your ads (unlike print and direct mail), allowing pandemic-relevant content to be aligned with changing governmental guidelines.

3. Take advantage of competitor caution

With the pandemic effecting sales and budgets, around three quarters of advertisers have held back on campaign launches.** With the market quiet, opportunity to tactically swoop in on your competitor’s market share is ripe. This offers the chance for more cut through and ad recall across the board. It also means your ad dollars can go further.

4. Zone in on trust

As we navigate these challenging times, the companionship that pods offer is a golden opportunity for brands. It doesn’t get much more intimate than blocking out the world and listening to an hour of your favourite podcast on headphones. 93% of podcast listeners tune into “all, or the majority” of each episode. 92% listen to podcasts alone.*** This gives brands a unique opportunity to speak to their customers on a personal level, which has never been more important.

Podcast advertising is pandemic-proof. With thoughtful modifications, your ads can emerge stronger than ever. Contact Zach to learn more




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