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The pivotal events in podcasting that changed the game.

As part of our Masterclass presentation, we like to give a brief overview of pivotal moments in podcasting history that allowed the medium to flourish and illustrate its rapid growth. Much of this is well known but my favourite part is the inclusion of Apple Podcasts becoming native to every iPhone: it came pre-installed by default and could not be deleted.

This epitomises one of the crucial elements for podcasting's rapid uptake. You didn’t have to download anything: it was already there with shows ready to go! It was content on-demand, perfect for the ensuing digital world where our thirst for on-demand content was matched by its abundance.

If Serial was the explosion of podcasting into the mainstream, then Apple Podcasting becoming native to every iPhone was the fuel that helped it burn.

If you'd like to share this information, or *Finger crossed* use it as part of your school project on why podcasts are awesome and the best thing ever, then feel free to use this downloadable chart below.



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