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What we are listening to this week

Last night a rather odd thought occurred to me. I was looking forward to the long car ride home in which I would almost certainly be stuck in peak hour traffic for 30 minutes longer than any normal person would prefer.

It was a sense of things going back to normal in Melbourne, and the return of something I had missed dearly. The podcast for the ride home at the end of the day, that was just to be enjoyed.

ABC's brand new series Days Like These introduces you to a different person that has experienced something wild, probably heartbreaking, and maybe uplifting.

The episode Shihad's Frontman Is Home Again is a must-listen for any podcast enthusiast. It follows the story of, well, Shihad's frontman Jon Toogood, and his relationship with spirituality, belonging, and love.

Much like the contents of the episode, it feels like a story that has come at the right time in history. It is not outlandish to feel that communities are increasingly divided, with both ideological separation and literal separation due to a pandemic. It is stories such as this one that are an important reminder of what it can feel like when we try to understand each other better, rather than point out our differences.

From a podcast nerd standpoint, the sound design elevates the story and the production is a masterclass in having the subject tell the story rather than having it explained to you.

Do ya self a favour and plug in the aux for tonight's ride home.


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