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Podcast Preview: A Sneak Peek at the Newest and Most Exciting Shows

Australian podcasts have emerged as the pulse of innovation, offering thought-provoking narratives that challenge, inspire, and engage. Today, we unveil an innovative lineup of upcoming shows both locally and globally, set to redefine the narrative game. We have secured an exclusive sneak peek into new projects from industry leaders such as Brooke Siffrinn (Even the Rich), Greg Muller (Wrong Skin, Motherlode) and Richard Baker (The Confession). From probing the depths of loneliness in young hearts to uncovering the covert influence of Russia in elections, these podcasts promise to command your attention.

Our first podcast is so exclusive that we can’t reveal the name just yet. To be released in 2024 via LiSTNR, it’s an untold story about the spoils of war, how a nation deals with scandal and how we in the media often strive to describe things in terms of black or white, when the truth often sits in the murky gray.

This show will be hosted by Richard Baker, award winning and critically acclaimed investigative journalist who has created narrative podcasts during his 23-year career with The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, including Phoebe’s Fall, Wrong Skin, The Last Voyage of the Pong Su and The Confession. Richard elaborates:

“The characters at the heart of the podcast have been through a lot and have remained pretty much silent until now. What they have to say will, I expect, cause people to reconsider what they think they know.” Watch this space for more developments.

Dark Shining Moment

Greg Muller is a senior producer with ABC Radio National. He was Executive Producer for award-winning podcasts Wrong Skin and Gertie's Law for the Supreme Court of Victoria and Motherlode, the story behind Wikileaks. Greg is currently working on Dark Shining Moment, a podcast which looks at the 2016 US election which brought in Donald Trump.

Greg explains:

“The next podcast series I find both scary and liberating. Scary because it's a glimpse into what is possible when it comes to messing with something we (especially in Australia) usually take for granted: democracy. And then liberating because the only way to deal with these threats is to know about them.

Most people have heard how Russia can manipulate elections, and in particular the 2016 one in the US which brought in Donald Trump. But the story of how this actually happened, and why is less well known. It's an incredible story. And it's still happening right now.

Chris Zappone has meticulously broken down this progression in interference. He takes you through it step by step and before you know it, the whole thing makes sense. Moreover, it was under our noses all this time, but we just didn't see it.”

Watch this space for a release date for Dark Shining Moment.

Brooke Siffrinn is a Los Angeles-based podcast host, comedian and actor. She hosts the award winning pop culture podcasts Even the Rich and Rich and Daily alongside her best friend and partner in crime Aricia Skidmore-Williams.

Brooke is excited to reveal that she is working on a podcast exploring the life of one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of the late 20th century. Brooke says:

“I am super excited for our listeners to hear our upcoming season about Selena Quintanilla. There was so much about her story that I didn't know and I think a lot of our American listeners probably don't know either. She was such a bright soul and I can't wait for people to hear her story. “

Selena sold 60 million record sales worldwide, making her one of the best-selling Latin artists of all time. The artist’s career was punctuated by a slew of awards, including a Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Album, and she consistently topped the Billboard Latin charts with her hit songs. Her groundbreaking 1995 album, "Dreaming of You," debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, marking the first time a Latin artist had achieved this feat. Beyond her musical prowess, Selena's influence extended into the world of fashion, where she launched her clothing line, and she became a role model for countless individuals, particularly in the Hispanic community. You’ll have to tune into the podcast to find out why her shining career was cut short.

Watch this space for more details on this exciting new music podcast.

We Are Lonely

Looking for an amazing new podcast to binge whilst you wait for these to come out? Introducing a ground-breaking new reality documentary that just debuted in August. Did you know that young adults are one of the most lonely demographics? Introducing We Are Lonely, drawing on real stories and real solutions, connecting young people with experts and industry leaders who will help them build strategies to reconnect.

In this brand new six-part series, we understand the reality of loneliness in Australia, experienced by a generation that theoretically has never been more connected. We Are Lonely is hosted by Jemma Sbeghen (host of The Psychology Of Your 20s) and features mentors Dr Deidre Anderson, Barry Conrad, Sean Szeps and Tessa Blenclowe. Experts involved include Professor Ian Hickie (Co-Director of Health and Policy, University of Sydney) and Dr Lisa Mundy (Developmental Psychologist). The podcast is produced by Liz Keen (ABC, Four Corners) and Simon Portus (ABC, Wild Kitchen.)

You can listen to We Are Lonely here.

What’s next for the rest of 2023?

The future of podcasting is lively and filled with innovation and potential. 2022 should have been a slow year for the industry, with rising interest rates meaning tightened budgets and a majority of the population returning to the office in some capacity, meaning less time for entertainment. 2023 had brought several economic challenges to the industry due to interest rate rises and increased cost of living. However, podcasts have evolved to become hubs for global conversations on many varied issues with voices spanning to all corners of the world and across all social groups. It’s through those conversations that we can keep up that feeling of connectedness and belonging, regardless of borders or boundaries, lockdowns or recession. We predict that 2023 will continue to be the biggest year yet for podcasting, as innovation and more data allows us to get further insights on the attention sweet spot and how best to entertain and inform audiences, through both podcast content and ads. As we get better at measuring the impact of podcast ads, we’ll see increased ROI at a time when each dollar needs to go further.

We can’t wait to welcome new podcasts from the industry’s most talented and innovative journalists and entertainers. To find out more, plus insights, and commentary on the growing podcast industry, sign up to our newsletter or feel free to contact us anytime.


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