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How to use Social Media to Effectively Promote Your Podcast

Did you know that Podcast listeners are some of the most active users of every social media channel? * Most podcasts have a social media presence, not all kick ass at it. Here’s our top tips and insights into nailing your social media so you can have a direct line to your biggest advocates.

1. Choose your platforms wisely.

You don’t have to be on every single social platform. Bespoke content for each channel is the way to go and that means that you need to choose strategically. Think about where your core audience are most likely to be and which platform suits your niche. For example, an art podcast would resonate well on Instagram as it’s a visual channel. Once you have found your people, the follows and likes will come.

2. Create useful content

There are 1,000 ways to grow your following, but the simplest and most effective is to make sure that your content is awesome. Always ask yourself what is in it for your audience. Make sure the quality is high. Educate and entertain them, paying attention to what posts are performing best. Then do more of those types of posts. If your audience are getting something out of your content, they will share it = organic (unpaid) reach!

3. Get feedback

Social media allows you to converse with your audience. Whilst some of the feedback may be hard to hear, it is all valuable and should be taken into consideration when planning future content. People adore being asked for their view, so let them be part of your content creation process. This can revolutionise your content strategy, ensuring you are giving your audience what they want.

4. Test and learn

Try lots of different types of content (video, images, quotes, polls, carousels but to name a few) and see what is performing best. Try posting at different times of day. You’ll soon see the formula for winning over your fans and getting an edge on your competitors.

5. Quality, not quantity

Once you have your sweet spot established, make sure you don’t drive away your audience with the too much content. You don’t have to hold yourself to guidelines like “I will post 4 times per week.” Only post if you are confident that it is strong content that will drive engagement. Your metrics will thank you for it!

6. Extend your podcast content

Notes and ideas that didn’t make the podcast could work on social. People love to see behind the scenes, so let them have a view into your creative and technical process. Look at which elements of the podcast your audience talk about most on social media and expand on those. All of this makes your offering richer and more compelling.

If you have done all of the above, a solid community will start to form. This needs to be nurtured and maintained. Once you have put in the work, you will have a solid set of advocates that can act as ambassadors for your podcast. They will await each episode and share content with their friends. You will have a sounding ground and idea hive mind. All invaluable in growing your show and making it the best it can be. #Winning.

Some of our favourite podcast socials for inspiration:



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